Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Odes to the Gamers I Know

Cardboard Assassin
you lay down a Ring of Frost
Blast'em little Mage

Holy Radiance
gleams off God-plated armor
a Beacon of Light

Dropping your totems
you control the elements
strut your stuff space goat

Slip into shadows
prepare to Backstab the boss
waiting for a res

Always Muttering
for we are being damn fools
Grumbling monster

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haiku for Gamers

"Dragon Age"
The Blight has ended
I have slain the Archdemon
Queen of Ferelden

"Mass Effect"
Mass Relay travel
The Normandy is my home
Commander Shepard

A lone Spartan stands
Frag Grenade has just been thrown
Die Covenant scum

"World of Warcraft"
World filled with monsters
Of which we are unafraid
Warcraft flows within

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Through the Fog

Wakefulness is peace
I close my eyes and fight through the fog
Chaos surrounds my soul and war rips at my heart
My dreams bring no relief, no serenity and no soothing balm for my scarred mind
They are only dark reminders of all that I am and hateful warnings of what lies ahead
I open my eyes and find my peace but it is only the calm before the storm.

(written as an intro to a story for a very creative friend of mine ....thank you so much for letting my work be a part of yours :) )

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colorado Love (For Selena and Miah)

When you speak to me I hear the singing of birds
When you dance with me I feel the swaying of trees
When you hold my hand I am engulfed by the warmth of the earth
When you smile I am dazzled by the brillance of the sun
When you kiss me I am consumed by the fluttering of butterflies
Your love just comes naturally.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Little fingers, little toes
little head and little nose
little hands and little feet
little smile with little teeth
little girl who runs and plays
growing bigger everyday
half your dad and half your mother
and loved unlike any other
a special gift from up above
to be showered with hope and love
though the sun may not always shine
from now til the end you will always be mine

More Haikus

anything is possible
Creating your dreams

Leaves fall all around
Spring has packed it's bags and left
Winter has arrived

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a la Beatles - a work in progress

Dear Prudence
baby your a rich man who can't buy me love because you never give me your money and your mother should know that happiness is a warm gun. norwegian wood lines the floor of blue jay way and while my guitar gently weeps day trippers come together and go nowhere man
baby you can drive my car down pennylane where everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey
Maxwell's Silver Hammer is fixing a hole for Mr. Moonlight, the Sun King, since he's Mother Nature's Son.
Do you want to know a secret? On this Magical Mystery tour you can ask me why, any time at all. because something that means a lot for no one is a glass onion in an octopus's garden.

To My Beloved

together in the vast depths of forever
your touch is a whisper of the magnificent
your embrace fans the flames of the divine which feeds my hungry soul
your love sustains my heart & cushion the bruises from the world
in your eyes i can see love, in your arms i am consumed by it
you are the blood in my veins & the voice of my soul
the light that chases away the darkness of the world
my everything

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Given Path

In a sea of people I stand alone.
There are millions of bodies but no one is by my side.
Entangled in arms but none hold me.
Beloved by all yet never feel the warmth from the love of another.
Such is the path I was given.
I am cold.
I am lonely.
I am Savior.


electronic signals transmitted as messages
pulses travel through complex systems
components need to be maintained
fluids are adjusted and regulated
glitches highlight imperfections
age and misuse lead to failure
the human body

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Desire

My desire is to caress the skin that covers you, place my mark on all that you are, embrace the warmth of your essence, take you in and blur the lines that defines us, ride the waves in an ocean of pleasure, gaze upon your soul with my name on your lips, lose myself over you and under you, be as at home in your heart as you are in mine.
My desire is your love.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

In Progress

(this piece is still under construction...but this is what I have so far)

Protect my companion for they are my soul
the darkness of night that eases the whole
a voice that is strong through the silence of fear
comfort which believes and denies all the tears


She was an angel come after her passion
a paragon of beauty seen through the shroud
his aesthetic that never would be free
a shadow on a vacant canvas


(this one is for my friend Christy who is a complex balance and i'm glad that I'm her friend)

~A Balance~

Be still the light that moves through my soul
or you may burn away my darker depths
the night which holds the stars enthralled
needs only your reflection

Be still the darkness that creeps through my heart
for you may smother my fiery light
and force that which should be cherished
to fade again to embers

Saturday, December 29, 2007


(The following is a haiku that I wrote for one of my fellow forum members who has managed to fan the flames of creativity that I had let fade to embers...Thank you)

RICK inspires me
is creative and with a
BOSS-like rep he styles.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Sleep to Dream
Dream to Believe
Believe to Achieve
Achieve to Continue
Continue to Thrive

Haikus for Kristi

"It's All About the O"
Louder my voice soars
Feeling pleasure's ebb & flow
Release, I shatter

Head of frothy joy
Savoring the taste of hops
Ambrosia for Man
"New Day"
Setting moon, sun rises
beginning of the journey
but end of the dream
(My submissions to her myspace bulletin request for haikus)

Monday, October 8, 2007


Imagination strokes through ink like water
& smears the miasma of an empty silhouette
the movement captures an old song
sung with new passion
the masterpiece of creation

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


My senses flare to life
Shocking at first
I stiffen
You caress and entangle
I melt
Emotions long-forgotten & undiscovered
Passion surfaces
Sensation of skin against skin
Our breaths mingle
A ball of heat forms
You give unconditionally
You take endlessly
I absorb your strength
You bask in my warmth
We ebb & flow
Touching & understanding
The moment comes to an end
Eyes locking
Magnitude felt is shared
Love expressed
A Kiss
(the title was chosen because ecstacy eclipses reality)

Random Poetry

Wind whispers through eternity
Death recalls the light
The visionless see the goddess
Her music is the passing of time
Symphony of language
Beneath a forest of moments
I live in a flood of you